Drought Expands

June 30, 2016

Though us in the Nichols Ag trade area have had some very nice rains the past few weeks, the rest of the country and state haven’t been so lucky.

Crop supplies are tighter than expected with the problems in the crop in South America.  The world stocks are dependent on our crop.  Any kind of supply hiccup in the US could lead to another nice rally like the one we have had in soybeans.

The drought in the Midwest and Iowa has expanded this week.  We have to be careful looking out our back window.  We have a ton of yield potential in this crop and should try to protect as much as we can.  I would suggest that we use every tool in the bag to complete this crop.

I have been seeing a lot of corn borers in non-gmo fields and there some reports on northern corn leaf blight showing up.  We can’t change the weather or control the markets but we can make sure we have done everything possible to make this the our very best crop. Call Nichols Ag today to make sure we have everything covered.


Josh O’Toole