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Planting Recommendations

Updated planting date recommendations for Iowa Lori Abendroth and Roger Elmore 8 March 2010 Note: A full-length summary and publication on this data set will be available later this year. The statistical analysis and recommendations used and stated in this article may be changed slightly given further interpretation. The recommendations are not expected to be altered significantly though and are stated now to aid producers and agronomists this planting season.

Lodged Corn

Mid- to late-season lodging Why did the plants root lodge? First, hybrids vary in their tolerance to lodging. Second, root lodging can be directly tied to rootworm larvae feeding.

Your’e Invited!

Asgrow/DeKalb Breakfast Date: Tuesday, May 27 2014 Time: 9 am - 10:30 am Place:  Nichols Test Plot Call Nichols Ag for details

Sudden Death

I would like to remind people that our seed treater is up and running.  We can run custom blends for any type of seed treatment available.  We will also treat anyone's seed.  Give us call if you need something done.  I think the conditions are right for seed treatment to really show some value.  Thanks, Josh  I might be a little late but here is some information on sudden death. Disease Management Management options for SDS are limited. Although soybean cu...

VRT Planting and Seed Treatment

Hello everyone, I just have a few updates before what looks to be another hectic spring. If you are interested in variable rate planting, we have the technology available here on a local level with people you trust. We can do it if off of soil types or my preferred method, yield maps.  Give us a call soon if you are interested.